SolAmerica is working with municipal utilities and electric cooperatives across the country

SolAmerica is proud to work with hometown America to keep the lights on at affordable cost. We have over 100 MW’s of projects developed, under development or that we have constructed for small rural utilities. In many cases, we are taking advantage of local and federal incentives to put our prices in-line with utility-scale projects

Our Typical project is:

  • 1 – 10 MW
  • Connected behind the utility’s wholesale meter
  • Sited on land under the control of SolAmerica leaving the utility free to avoid real estate matters
  • Offered under Power Purchase Agreement allowing the utility to avoid all capital expenses


Our Partners seek to:

  • Hedge against energy supply rate price volatility
  • Reduce distribution and transmission peak charges
  • Diversify ahead of planned or anticipated fossil fuel plant closures
  • Provide resiliency
  • Satisfy corporate America’s desire to purchase renewable energy
  • Deploy at a speed that can’t be met through utility-scale solutions

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