We have significant experience helping Joint Action Agencies develop solutions for their members

Whether you’re an all-requirements provider or a project-based JAA, providing long-term value to your members is a multi-faceted challenge. Increasingly, our JAA partners see solar located behind the wholesale meter of their members as a key ingredient to delivering this value. Their motivations include:

  • Serving as a long-term energy supply rate price hedge
  • Reducing distribution and transmission peak charges
  • Diversifying ahead of planned or anticipated fossil fuel plant closures
  • Local resiliency
  • Satisfying member sustainability/renewable energy aspirations
  • A significantly faster timeline than utility-scale transmission-interconnected solar
  • Ensuring that any resulting project, as an extension of their brand in member communities, is well looked after during its life and that land is returned to original conditions post project

We’ve spent years getting to know your space. Let’s work together to find solutions for you and your members. Want to hear more about how we’re working with other JAA’s? Or are you interested to see an indicative pricing proposal? CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH